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Writeups submitted to office of CMJ should be in triplicate, accompanied by a forwarding letter. Forwarding letter should indicate the total number of pages. We acknowledge reviews, symptoms and signs based writeups, original articles or case reports etc. Please use double spacing throughout.
The editorial board is of the view that the tables and algorithms should be given whensoever it is feasible.
The writeups are to be submitted as per the format of the journal. The editorial board reserves the right to revise, alter or modify articles to the journal's format. The views expressed in the articles will however, remain the opinion of the authors and the editorial board accepts no responsibilities for these.
Articles of importance and of interest to consultant physicians, service doctors and family physicians are considered and accepted. Our aim remains to improve day-to-day clinical practices of family physicians. The author should keep in mind the interest of the practising doctors. We wish to bring the expertise and experience of teachers and super-specialists to the door steps of practising doctors.
Please use only standard abbreviations and do send the abstracts from other journals on this topic.
Minimal number of latest references, as an when required.
While sending a writeup,  please don't include the names of residents etc., as most of the published ones are review articles.
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